Established in 1956, Pracheen Kala Kendra is one of the oldest, premier and prestigious organizations of the country dedicated to promotion, preservation and dissemination of Indian Classical arts. At present , Pracheen Kala Kendra is a well known institution imparting quality education and training under ancient Gurukul parampara in the subjects of Indian Classical Music including Carnatic Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Classical Dances (e.g. Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi Dance, etc.) and Fine Arts (Painting) and conducting examinations in the field of performing and visual arts for the last 60 years. Having its cultural Headquarters at Chandigarh, an enormous Administrative set-up at Mohali (Punjab), a zonal office for Eastern India at Kolkata, regional offices at New Delhi , Bhubaneswar (Odisha), Patna, (Bihar) , Jorhat (Assam), Pracheen Kala Kendra , with network of about 3800 affiliated centres/institutes/schools of classical music and dance situated all over India and abroad including USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kuwait, UAE, South Africa, etc. and students strength of about 3.00 lacs makes it the largest organization of its kind in present times. Kendra is committed to provide learner's access to the classical arts irrespective of their age, religion, gender and region keeping in mind the fundamental values of Indian philosophy and spirituality.

Besides this, Kendra undertakes various cultural activities and organizes a number of festivals of classical Music and Dance, not only in Chandigarh but across various other Indian states/cities in collaboration /association its affiliated centres as well as with support of the local/state government/semi government cultural bodies. Holding of seminars, conferences, workshops, painting exhibitions, competitions etc. are some of its other main functions. With its functions and activities carried throughout the year in various parts of the country, towards the fulfillment of its Aims and Objects, the Kendra is working at all India level as institution of National Presence and eminence.


  • One of the oldest and leading cultural organizations of India.
  • Established in 1956 at Chandigarh.
  • It goes to the credit of the Kendra to put Chandigarh on the cultural map of the India.
  • Almost all the contemporary artists of Indian classical performing Arts have performed under its aegis since its inception.
  • The Kendra owns seven campuses – Chandigarh, Mohali , Kolkata, New Delhi , Bhubaneswar, Patna and Jorhat , Assam.
  • The Kendra has more than 3800 affiliated centres in India and abroad including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Mauritius, Kualalampur etc.
  • The diplomas awarded by the Kendra are recognized by various Universities, State Governments and Boards.

    "Good motives, sincerity, and infinite love can conquer the world. One single soul possessed of these virtues can destroy the dark designs of millions of hypocrites and brutes."
    Swami Vivekananda

    (Secretary, Pracheen Kala Kendra)

    Music has always been an important cultural and social factor throughout human history. As far as Indian culture is concerned it is the legacy of collective memories of our society over the centuries.

    India has a great tradition of music from ancient period to the present times. The Indian classical music and arts represent India's cultural glory. Our Visual and Performing Art forms are like a bridge between the value systems of ancient India and the new generation. They represent the eternal and everlasting principles of universe and life that promote discipline, obedience and peaceful coexistence. All such forms of Indian art and music form part of our rich culture and play a key role in unifying the country and its' people. Indian classical arts have powerful effects on a person's ability to be mindful, as it makes us more emotionally aware. Art in any form also acts as an equalizer. It possesses the attributes that heal the mind, body and soul to make human being a liberated soul.

    Art has the ultimate potential to bring us closer to our inner soul and realize our true divine self. World is going through an unprecedented change. We need to honestly acknowledge that happiness quotient is dipping. Our busy lifestyles are robbing us from enjoying simple aspects of life. In the present day, fast-paced lifestyle, listening to music can provide solace to mind.

    The vast treasure of Indian classical forms needs to be nurtured and propagated. We must collectively encourage these Art forms to thrive and flourish.

    Time and again studies have shown that children who are engaged in music and other art forms tend to have better cognitive skills and do well in academic subjects such as math and science. They improve memory, auditory skills and the attention span.

    Classical Music and dance learning can be made part of curriculum for school children to ensure stress-free environment and to improve learning outcomes. We are already using technology to spread this knowledge and more students in India and abroad are learning Indian classical art forms through online resources and tutors. These efforts need to be further expanded before it's too late.The future generation must not be deprived of this priceless legacy which holds the capability to change the world.



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