Annual Report 2020-2021

Pracheen Kala Kendra  known worldwide for its innovative  and promotional cultural activities with regard to Indian classical art and culture, since its inception in 1956, has registered many strides in multi-level growth, reconnoiter of tradition, rising self-confidence and blossoming of creative spirit of Indian Art & Culture through its earnest and committed efforts like previous years.

The year 2020  was a major setback, both morally and financially to the Art world.  The culture and arts sector has been one of the most affected by measures all over the world in this Covid 19 epidemic. COVID-19 is also laying waste to the cultural schedule, forcing cancellations and suspensions of some of the biggest cultural events organized all across the nation. Fairs and festivals are very important in culture to revive and understand culture closely. There have been delays and cancellations of major national and international festivals and concerts . Many activities held in India are celebrated annually, supporting livelihoods, boosting the economy, supporting the regional artists and its subsidiary alliances. Such festivals and fairs supports the promotion of culture, reflecting its importance for future generations. Large scale gatherings have been banned in all major states of India. Many people have chosen to self-isolate, or to avoid large scale gatherings. This has led to many events being cancelled or postponed. Many people working in the culture, arts and cinema rely on these events for a large proportion of their income or to supplement their freelance earnings.

But Kendra has done yeoman’s service in these trying times. Kendra has  done a lot for the promotion, preservation and propagation of the Indian Classical Arts despite of COVID epidemic effects . The year 2020 was majorly marked by  online events but Kendra also organized many offline events  from the mid of  year 2020.  Annual examination of the Kendra also held through online /offline mode as per the suitability of the centre holders and students as well.

 It was all possible due to the sincere steps taken by the Kendra team, as a result of which it succeeded not only in maintaining the apex position in the field of Art and Culture but so also created a new era of  Indian Classical and Visual Arts in the time of epidemic . A report on the activities of the Kendra is as under:

Online Webaithaks

With the motive  and commitment to keep  the art alive  with the motto , “Show must go on” , from the month of June 2020 onwards , Kendra started  organizing online “webaithks” featuring  eminent as well as budding artists from all over India . These baithaks telecasted live every Friday on the social media platforms of the Kendra  like YouTube , Face book and Twitter,  official pages of the Kendra . till now 35 webaithaks have been organized and  the artists performed are Sh Ravi Pal (Vocal)0 , Smarajit Sen (Sitar), Pran Gopal Bandopadhyay(Tabla), Guru Bishnu Murari Chattopadhyay (Vocal), Shusri Shubhra Talegaonkar (Vocal), Sh Suddhashil Chatterjee (Santoor), Rajat Prasanna(Flute), Girinder Talegaonkar ( Vocal), Troliee Dutta (sarod) Mahua Chatterjee (Vocal), Manglamukhi Devendra (Kathak), Rosy Dutta Pandit (Vocal), Vinita (Sitar ) , Pt. Anupam Roy  (Tabla ) , Rhitom Sarkar (Tabla ), Anudip  De(Vocal) Shuddhashil Chatterjee (Santoor), Biswajit  Roy Chowdhury (Violin) , Bishnu Murari Chattopadhyay (Vocal), Ayush Dwivedi (Dhrupad) , Shubhra Talegaonkar (Vocal), Rajat Prasanna (Flute) Shreyasi Gopinath (Bharatnatyam), Bhairavi Bhatt (sitar) , Rahul Varshaney (Odissi), Vijay Chandra (Synthesizer) , Swati Agarwal (Kathak) , Anuratan Rai (Vocal)

Purvi Nimgaonkar (Vocal)

Online Three day Youth Flute Festival from 29th to 31st  July  to mark  109th Birth Anniversary of Flute Legend  Pt. Panna Lal Ghosh ji

To celebrate 109th Birth Anniversary of  Pt. Panna Lal Ghosh ji , Kendra organized online  three day youth Flute Festival  in which  the generation next of  eminent flute maestros  performed Shadaj Godkhindi, Hrishikesh Majumder and Rajesh Prasanna participated and performed remarkably  in this unique festival .

World Sitar Festival

PKK collaborated  with the main organizer  Swaranjali & co organizer  Gunijankhana to organize  world Sitar Festival, online , studded with many Sitar exponents of repute not only from India but also  from Abroad. This  Cloud Concert telecasted live  on 15th August with wide  range of artists like Pandit Harashankar Bhattacherjee, Shri. Ram Udar Bhattacherjee, Ms. Mita Nag , Pandit  Soumitra Lahiri,( Kolkata),Vidhushi Supriya Shah (Varanasi), Vidhushi Anupama Bhagwat ( Bengaluru), Ms. Sahana Benerjee (Pune), Vidhushi Roopa Panser (UK ), Ustad Hidayat Khan (USA),Pt. Indrajit Banerjee (USA), Mr. Josh Feinberg (USA), Professor Pradeep Ratnayake, (SriLanka), Mr. Shunichi Sawda (Japan), Ms. Amie Machiszewski (Canada) , Mr. Mike Jarjoura (China), Pt. Ramprapanna Bhattacherje (Mumbai), Ustad Shakir Khan ( Pune) , Ustad Ebadul Haq (Dhaka), Pt. Ashim Chowdhury , Prof. Debjit Chakraborty , Mr. Ayan Sengupta , Mr. Kalyan Majumder, (Kolkata),Mr. Sushanto Chowdhury (Singapore), Mr. Markus Schmidt (Germany), Ms Alif Laila (USA)

Special programme of Ghazals on death anniversary of Ghazal King Sh. Jagjit Singh

To pay tribute to the King of Ghazals  Sh. Jagjit Singh on his death anniversary of 10th October 2020, Kendra organized a digital event “evening of heart touching Ghazals “ by city based singers like R.D. Kailey, Komal Chugh, Sushil Nagpal, Simant Singh, Piyousha Mitra and  Kriti jain.

Live audience ka shubharambh with Bhajan Sandhya by  Vidushi Yogmaya Bhattacharjee on 1st November

With relaxations in COVID guidelines by the Government  paving way  for  holiding offline concerts,  after  8 months , Kendra started live offline performances with a Bhajan Sandhya by noted singer Vidushi Yogmaya Bhattacharjee at Kendra’s M.L. Koser Indoor Auditorium with limited audience . The event was organized as per the Government Guidelines for the prevention of  COVID-19 e.g.  wearing of mask, no  mask no entry , proper sanitization, observing of social distance  and other important measures were also followed .


First  Gurmat Sangeet Baithak and unveiling of  Gurmat Syllabus    of Kendra

After years of hard work  , thoughtful consideration and untiring efforts  of Sh. Malkiat Singh Jandiala , Honrary head , Department of Gurmat Sangeet  of the Kendra , the syllabus of Gurmat Sangeet was finalized , approved and unveiled at a special event held on 7th November at ML Koser Indoor Auditorium in which Gurmat Sangeet syllabus  was unveiled and first Gurmat Sangeet baithak  was held. The programme also telecasted  live on social media platforms of Kendra The programme featured eminent   Hazoori Ragi from Shri Darbar Sahib Amritsar ,  Bhai Gurmeet Singh Ji Shant of Sikh Panth and   the famous Rababi Kirtankar, Bhai Davinder Singh Ji Bodal. They presented divine Kirtan according to the ancient maryada  of Gurmat Sangeet. Bhai Sahib Bhai Hardeep Singh Ji , Member SGPC honored both the great kirtanakars along with the unveiling ceremony of  Gurmat Sangeet Syllabus of the Pracheen Kala Kendra .


Gurmat Sangeet Baithaks

Uptil now Kendra has been blessed to organize  three more Gurmat Sangeet Baithaks on 5th December featuring Bhai Avtar Singh  ji, Bhai Harbhag Singh  ji Bodal , 9th January  featuring Bhai Bhagta  Singh ji, Bhai Sukhman Singh, Bhai Guramrit Singh, Bhai Onkar Singh and 13th February featuring Biba Ashupreet  Kaur & Sisters .  The Gurmat Sangeet Baithaks  will continue from June 2021 onwards.


Strings of Desert by  Pt. Salil Bhatt, Kulta Khan

Another offline event  was organized by Pracheen Kala Kendra on 21st November titled “Strings of Desert”  by eminent Satvik Veena player Pt. Salil Bhatt and Jaisalmer based  famous Rajasthani folk artist Kutle Khan. They were accompanied by noted tabla exponent of Banaras Gharana , Sh. Abhishek Mishra. The event was held at M.L. Koser Indoor Auditorium at PKK complex, sector-35/B Chandigarh with compliance of all Covid protocol and  guidelines.  It was also broadcast live on official social media platforms of the Kendra.

Ninand Festival (digital)  11, 12 & 13th December  2020

Sangit Kala Kendra Agra and Pracheen Kala Kendra joins hands for 56th edition of  “Ninand” festival which was organsied from 11 December to 13th December . Artists like Vidushi Dhanashree  Pandit Rai, Padmabhushan Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Sushri Rimpa Shiva and Pt. Sugat Nag , Dr. Swati Agarwal and Pt. Mani Prasad (Vocal)

A special evening of Music by Ritesh Rajnish Mishra (offline) 28th December

A special program was organized by the Pracheen Kala Kendra at the ML Koser Indoor Auditorium on 28th December in which eminent artists duo Pandit Ritesh and Rajnish Mishra performed  their choicest of presentations .  The programme was also telecasted live on social media platforms of Kendra like youtube, facebook and twitter live from the stage .


North Zone Cultural Centre and Pracheen Kala Kendra’s joint venture “ Surmai Sandhya”  

North Zone Cultural Centre Patiala in collaboration with Pracheen Kala Kendra organized a musical programme on 11 January at M.L. Koser Indoor Auditorium of the Kendra with live audience.  The programe was studded with scintillating presentation by  Agra based talented Vocalist Shubhra Talegaonkar.


Sham E Mausiqui at Jamshedpur (30th & 31st January)

Kendra also organized Sham E Mausiqui, a two day cultural event of Music and Dance on 30th & 31st January   at Evening Club , Jamshedpur. Many eminent artists Like Pt. B.N. De (Vocal) , Pt. Shubhasheesh (Hansveena) , Sh. Sujan Chatterjee (Vocal), Ashok Singh (Flute) , Subhas Bose (Sitar), Krishna ganguli(Vocal ) and Subrata De (Sitar) performed in this two day event . The event got huge coverage in media .


Three day All India Yuva Kathak Utsav (5th to 7th February )

Kendra has made continuous efforts to make the Classical Music and dance reach music lovers even during the Corona period. In this series Kendra organized three-day Kathak Utsav  with young artists of different Gharanas of Kathak dance. In this festival Sanjeet Gangani, the bright Kathak dancer of the Jaipur gharana , Rudra Shankar Mishra, the brightest star of the Banaras gharana and   Shinjini Kulkarni, the sunshine and hope of the Lucknow gharana performed at  M L Koser Indoor Auditorium of  Pracheen Kala Kendra .


A special programme of Tabla Solo by Suraj Nirwan (20st February offline)

A special program was organized by the Pracheen Kala Kendra on 20th February studded with   Young and talented Tabla player Suraj Nirwan.  The programme was also telecasted  live on social media platforms of Kendra like youtube, facebook and twitter from the stage .


Bhajan Sandhya by Param Chandel on 21st February  offline at Mohali

Kendra also organized a   soulful Bhajan Sandhya at Dr. Shobha  Koser Indoor Auditorium at PKK complex, sector-71 Mohali on 21st February  for live audience of Mohali . Param Chandel stole the hearts of music lovers with his  soulful Bhajans from films based on classical ragas.


PKK & Kala Rasika Foundation Global Online Competition at Kolkata on  (25th to 28th Febraury)

Global online competition was organized  at Kolkata  from 25th to 28th February by joint association of  Kala Rasika Foundation and Pracheen Kala Kendra. This mega event was   organized for students of Bharatnatyam , Kathak, Odissi , Rabindra Dance, Modern Dance ,  Semi Classical and Western dances and Vocal Classical, Instrumental  and recitation .


Programme of Classical Music And Dance At Durgapur on 6th March

Pracheen Kala Kendra in association with its affiliated centres at Durgapur Kalabitan and Suro Chhanda on 6th March , 2021. The  programe was held at Bidhan Bhawan.  Dr. Samira Koser (Kathak) , Pt. Shubhankar Banerjee ( Tabla) , Vidushi Rageshri Das (Vocal) , Sh. Rakesh Kumar (Flute ) and Sarada  Prasan Das ( (Violin)


Programme of Classical Music And Dance At Habra on 7th March

Pracheen Kala Kendra in association with its affiliated centres Kalabitan and Suro Chhanda at Habra organized a special programme of Music and Dance  on 7th March ,2021. Eminent artists of repute like Dr. Samira Koser (Kathak dance), , Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya ( Slide Guitar) and Pt. Omkar Dadarkar  performed in this event. Programme was held at DeshBandhu Park , Habra.

Mahashivratri Sangeet Sammelan  by Sargam Mandir & PKK at New Delhi on 11th March

Kendra organsied a special event  on the eve of MahaShivratri in joint collaboration with , Sargam Mandir at Triveni Kala Sangam  , New Delhi. This was 57th edition of Mahashivratri  Sangeet Sammelan


8th Guru M.L. Koser Festival at New Delhi (12th & 13th March)

As a tribute and in the memory of its Founder Guru M.L. Koser, Kendra has been organizing Annual”Guru M.L. Koser Festival of Music and Dance” at New Delhi since 2014 which now has become one of the well known festivals of the Capital. This year this festival was held on 12th & 13th March   at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. Distinguished artists of the country performed in the two day mega festival. This festival reached its eighth edition this year . Vocalist Chetna Pathak, Flutist Pt.  Ronu Majumder , Violinst Ustad  Asghar Hussain and Sitarist Pt. Shubhendu Rao and Kathak Exponet Dr. Samira Koser captivated the audience.

Swar Tarang at Indore on 13th & 14th March

Special live program of Music was organized  by Pracheen Kala Kendra at Indore  on 13th & 14th March . The event was held at Press Club . Artists of repute  from Indore and nearby like Sh. Aayush Moroney (Sitar), Shri. Hitendra Dixit ( Tabla solo) , Vidhushi Smita Mokashi  (Vocal )  Sh. Omkar Bhatt ( Vocal ), Shri. Praveen Sharma  (Flute), Sh. Nikhil Barodia (Sitar) , Shri. Gautam Kale ( Vocal) performed in this two day event.


All India Bhaskar Rao Nritya & Sangeet Sammelan (16th to 22nd March)

The 50th edition of one of the foremost festival of Classical Music and Dance of India,”All India Bhaskar Rao Nritya & Sangeet Sammelan” which was cancelled last year due to COVID, was again held from March 16 to 22 at Chandigarh. This festival has gained immense popularity amongst the artists fraternity and is the most awaited cultural event in which almost every artist wishes and desires to perform. This mega event was studded with renowned and immensely talented artists from all over India like Pt. Salil Bhatt (Satvik Veena), Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya (Santoor),  Vidushi  Sujata Mahapatra (Odissi Dance) , Pt. Rakesh Chaurasia (Flute) , Vidushi Mahalakshmi Shenoy ( (Vocal), Mallick Bandhus (Dhrupad) , Pt. Harvinder Sharma (Sitar , Barman Bandhus (Tabla & Shreekhol Jugalbandi) , Pt. Alok and Abhishek Lahiri (Sarod) , Pt. Ambrish Das (Vocal), Dr. Samria Koser (Kathak) , Vidushi Purnima Bhatt (Vocal ) and Guru Kamilini Dutt (Rangoantaratma Troupe) who captivated audience with their remarkable and mesmerizing performances.

As per the old tradition of Kendra, some illustrious personalities were also honored on this occasion. Noted Actor , Lyricist Sh. Shekhar Sen , Senior Art Critic Nonika Singh and young journalist  Heena Rakheja were felicitated for their outstanding & enormous contribution in their respective fields. They were felicitated with a shawl, memento, a citation and cash award .

Online Art Exhibitions  & Virtual Solo Exhibitions

Kendra organized many Online Art Exhibitions  & Virtual Solo Exhibitions in collaboration with Art Coterie . Eminent artists of this field like Sh. Pankaj Saroj and Sh. Madan Lal showcased their  outstanding creations in these virtual exhibitions . Kendra also organized art exhibitions of  many painters and artists from all over India .


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